Agora des DSI

agoraFor several years, POGGI AVOCATS IT is a partner of the Agora des DSI.

Agora des DSI is a professional club, open to CIOs and members of IT Departments for exchanging and sharing experiences:

  • during monthly dinner debates presided over by a guest of honor around strategic and innovative topics,
  • in the form of flash-workshops in which POGGI AVOCATS IT offer legal and business training courses to CIOs on topical issues
  • with an intranet exchange platform.



brapiPOGGI AVOCATS IT is the referent lawyer of the “Matinales BRAPI “.

BRAPI is a club for intellectual services purchasing managers to exchange and benchmark around very operational issues.

The “Matinale BRAPI” is a session of benchmarking prepared and hosted by the BRAPI team, on a theme chosen by the members themselves in order to receive advice from experts and share operational experiences between peers, confidentially.

During those sessions, POGGI AVOCATS IT exposes the legal point of view and brings its own feedback on the topics selected



ibaAnne-Sophie POGGI is a member of the IBA (International Bar Association).

The main objective of the IBA is to promote exchanges between bars around the world, to maintain the independence of lawyers and their practice and to support human rights.

Anne-Sophie POGGI participates in conferences of the “Technology Law Committee” and in the annual international lawyers’ conventions. On this occasion, POGGI AVOCATS IT, in partnership with the law firm BNR Associés, has developed privileged relationships with foreign correspondents, including IT law firms.

At the next annual conference to be held in Vienna from 4 to 9 October, 2015, Anne-Sophie POGGI will be speaker of a round table dedicated to open source licenses “Open and closed source licensing; share and share alike ” news


FFA : Fédération des Femmes Administrateurs

femmes adminAnne-Sophie POGGI represents the Femmes AAA+ association (Administrators Lawyers Association for women) within the FFA.

To support the impulse given by public authorities on the establishment of a new corporate governance, five associations of women exercising in private business, in law as well as in the public sector have decided to join forces by creating the “Fédération des Femmes Administrateurs” Administrator Women Federation.

The aim of the Federation is to rebalance the powers and to influence the behaviors and practices in the service of performance and the competitiveness of enterprises, public institutions and eventually for all organizations.