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We have a extensive experience in IT litigation and develop creative procedural strategies.

We offer our customers our experience of IT disputes. If we favour negotiated solutions, we have a perfect command of legal remedies, including emergency procedures, and we let's defend with pugnacity the our customers' interests in front of civil and commercial jurisdictions.

litigation and dispute resolution

We give priority to negotiating our customers' issues upstream, before anything else.

lawsuit. A letter from a lawyer can move the lines.

In this way, we can achieve rapid results for our customers at lower cost.


We have many years' experience in IT litigation and have developed

creative civil and commercial procedural strategies to propose cost-effective measures.

Our experience in litigation feeds our practice of contract negotiation

and provides us with relevant insights to help us resolve any stumbling blocks.

Appraisals, reports and seizures

Our lawyers are experts in both substantive and emergency proceedings. We are particularly familiar with the investigative measures set out in Article 145 of the Code of Civil Procedure, which enable computer evidence to be established, and the precautionary measures set out in Article 835 of the Code of Civil Procedure.


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Mediation and transactions

If we can avoid the legal debate, we prefer strategies for settling disputes out of court, which are less costly and quicker. Properly conducted with our customers' teams, they sometimes enable the parties to resume a calm commercial relationship after a period of high tension.


Alternative dispute resolution methods.

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IT and commercial contracts

Our lawyers bring you their expertise in contract law and their knowledge of market practices to protect your interests as effectively as possible.

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Data and information technology

With over 30 years' expertise, Poggi Avocats IT can help you take account of legislative and regulatory changes.

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Intellectual property

We develop strategies for protecting intangible assets and intellectual property in order to create value.

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We assist IT Departments and Human Resources Departments in setting up IT charters for users.

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The firm provides a wide range of training courses for Legal Departments, Information Systems Departments and Purchasing Departments.

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