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With more than 30 years of expertise, Poggi Avocats IT can help you to take account of the following factors legislative and regulatory framework at constant evolution.

We have a detailed knowledge of'the computer industry and its transformations. Since the French Data Protection Act of 1978 and the 1991 Directive concerning legal protection of computer programs, we help our customers to take into account the needs of their customers. legislative and regulatory developments which have accelerated since the strategic decision of the European Commission in 2015 to create a digital single market.

Digital services regulations

Our customers are at the cutting edge. Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, smart contract, NFT... We support them in their activities, the transformation of their organisation or work tools and advise them on the regulatory changes affecting digital services, adopted or under discussion, such as the RGPD, the Data Governance Act, the Data Market Act, the Data Service Act, the Data Act, the IA Act, the ePrivacy Regulation.


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Non-personal data

Our practice includes the negotiation of ownership and use clauses for the

non-personal data, the regulatory framework for which is evolving, in particular with the

Data Act project.


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open data

We advise our clients on issues relating to open data and the free use of data processed by public bodies or as part of agreements.

with public authorities.


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RGPD compliance

Back in 2017, we created a 5-phase compliance programme running over a 6-month period, for targeted scopes, as well as standard documentation to be customised according to our customers' business and organisation.

We have helped numerous clients achieve compliance in a wide range of industries, including property sales, asset management, wines and spirits, retail, training and ESN.

We continue to assist them with their operational maintenance, data breach notifications, drafting BCRs, raising team awareness of personal data and implementing AIPD.

Outsourced DPO or DPO assistance

We are Data Protection Officers (DPO) or we assist the DPOs of

our customers. We advise them as part of regular monitoring of their processing operations and new company projects, to help them maintain their compliance with data protection regulations over the long term.


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Legal notices

We provide legal advice on topical and technical issues that have a major impact on our clients' day-to-day business, such as electronic signatures, double-click electronic contracting, long-term ESN contracts, IT charters, payroll and teleworking, etc.


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poggi avocats it contrats

IT and commercial contracts

Our lawyers bring you their expertise in contract law and their knowledge of market practices to protect your interests as effectively as possible.

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poggi avocats it copyright

Intellectual property

We develop strategies for protecting intangible assets and intellectual property in order to create value.

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poggi avocats it contentieux

IT and commercial litigation

We have extensive experience of IT litigation and develop creative procedural strategies.

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poggi avocats it cybersecurity


We assist IT Departments and Human Resources Departments in setting up IT charters for users.

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poggi avocats it formation


The firm provides a wide range of training courses for Legal Departments, Information Systems Departments and Purchasing Departments.

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