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We provide training related to our areas of expertise at the same time for specialist lawyers or non-lawyers. Our training courses are educational and practicesto provide know-how or guidelines directly applicable within the company. Our training courses can be delivered on-site, remotely or on a hybrid model.

Your IT projects: managing the legal risks

We provide your project managers with an understanding of the legal issues involved in the various phases of an IT project, from negotiation to implementation.

You'll leave with the reflexes and tools you need to better anticipate and manage the risks to your IT projects.

DSI and employment law

We offer training courses to familiarise CIOs with the legal issues surrounding problems on the borderline between IT and employment law:

  • Technical assistance contract, recruitment or freelance administration?
  • New corporate tools put to the test in employment law
  • The legal issues involved in hybrid work organisation (teleworking and face-to-face)
  • The IT user charter
  • Criminal liability of the CIO

IT contracts

Our IT contract training courses include general modules on contract negotiation and specialised modules:

  • E-commerce and omni-channel sales
  • Integration contracts
  • SAAS contracts
  • Contractualisation of an Agile project

We'll give you the keys to understanding what's at stake in the main clauses of these contracts, as well as practical advice to apply in your own negotiations.


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Software licences

We train your users, particularly in R&D, in the right reflexes when using

third-party or open source software, as well as in the event of a licence audit:

  • Proprietary or open source software licence
  • Licence compliance and compliance audits of software publishers


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We have carried out numerous RGPD training courses and workshops, as part of compliance programmes or on request. Our RGPD training courses include:

  • The fundamental principles and key concepts of data protection
  • RGPD compliance
  • Transfers outside the EU
  • CNIL control
  • The role of the DPO


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poggi avocats it contrats

IT and commercial contracts

Our lawyers bring you their expertise in contract law and their knowledge of market practices to protect your interests as effectively as possible.

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poggi avocats it data

Data and information technology

With over 30 years' expertise, Poggi Avocats IT can help you take account of legislative and regulatory changes.

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poggi avocats it copyright

Intellectual property

We develop strategies for protecting intangible assets and intellectual property in order to create value.

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poggi avocats it contentieux

IT and commercial litigation

We have extensive experience of IT litigation and develop creative procedural strategies.

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poggi avocats it cybersecurity


We assist IT Departments and Human Resources Departments in setting up IT charters for users.

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