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We help CIOs, CISOs and HRDs of the introduction of IT charters to the crisis management.

We can help you with cyber security as a preventive measure, via documentation and contractualisation of safety policies. We can also help you with your recourse in the event of an attack on your information systems, of data breach ordamage to your e-reputation.

Prevention, processes and documentation

We assist IT Departments and Human Resources Departments in setting up IT charters for users, administrator charters and negotiating agreements with suppliers on security, business continuity and confidentiality.


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Data breach

In the event of a cyber attack or data breach, we provide legal assistance to help our customers manage the situation and minimise the damage. We support our customers in declaring data breaches to the CNIL and informing the people concerned.

Defence strategies

We assist our clients in the event of damage to their e-reputation, by implementing hybrid response strategies consisting of amicable applications, in particular to search engines and domain name registries, and civil and/or criminal litigation, on the merits or in summary proceedings.


How do you combat anonymous attacks on the Internet?

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IT and commercial contracts

Our lawyers bring you their expertise in contract law and their knowledge of market practices to protect your interests as effectively as possible.

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Data and information technology

With over 30 years' expertise, Poggi Avocats IT can help you take account of legislative and regulatory changes.

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Intellectual property

We develop strategies for protecting intangible assets and intellectual property in order to create value.

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IT and commercial litigation

We have extensive experience of IT litigation and develop creative procedural strategies.

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The firm provides a wide range of training courses for Legal Departments, Information Systems Departments and Purchasing Departments.

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