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We bring our expertise in intellectual property law advising our customers on their protection and enhancement strategy their digital assets, by auditing their targets duringexternal growth operations, and by drafting deeds of acquisition or disposal of intangible assets.

We assist them in the event of 'allegation of infringement of third party rights and as part of'licence audits carried out by publishers.

Traceability and protection of digital assets

We develop strategies for protecting intangible assets and intellectual property in order to create value and minimise risk.

We specialise in protecting software, databases, domain names and digital creations.


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Business secrecy

Intangible assets that do not qualify for protection under intellectual property law nonetheless have significant value (know-how, non-patentable algorithms, functionalities).

Under certain conditions, they may be protected by confidentiality and the secrecy of information.


Open source licences

Our lawyers assist our clients' R&D teams in analysing and monitoring open source licences and copyleft issues.

M&A audits

We carry out IP/IT audits as part of acquisitions (M&A) to analyse the target's intellectual property rights, the robustness of IT contracts and the registration of domain names and trademarks.


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Assignment and licensing of copyright

We regularly draw up copyright assignment, licensing and SaaS agreements.


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Publishers' licence audits

We have particularly recognised expertise in the area of licence audits carried out by software publishers such as Oracle, SAGE, SAP, etc.


Licence audits: how can you cut the bill?

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IT and commercial contracts

Our lawyers bring you their expertise in contract law and their knowledge of market practices to protect your interests as effectively as possible.

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Data and information technology

With over 30 years' expertise, Poggi Avocats IT can help you take account of legislative and regulatory changes.

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IT and commercial litigation

We have extensive experience of IT litigation and develop creative procedural strategies.

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We assist IT Departments and Human Resources Departments in setting up IT charters for users.

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The firm provides a wide range of training courses for Legal Departments, Information Systems Departments and Purchasing Departments.

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